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"Peach has developed a reputation in Southern California as one of the most entertaining blues singers and guitarists." - JAZZIZ Magazine

"Peach is a fast-rising force in the Los Angeles music scene." -International Musician

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JUL 2014


Itís a rare joy to discover an artist whose music adds to, or at least enhances, the meaning of life.

It is a rare joy, a relief, and also an underlying apprehension; what if you had never happened upon it? What if you had been just plain lazy about listening to it? And then finally you did and fell in love with it and then wondered how you ever managed a day without it.

Peach isnít exactly a new artist and this isnít exactly her Blues Rock Records debut. But when you have the singular pleasure of discovering this ever-fresh, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-guitarist, whether itís with her current masterpiece (no exaggeration) The Real Thing, her acclaimed live underground release Peach Live! (2002), which won her a coveted distribution deal with Morada Music, or her first recording, the EP The Cure for You (2001), then it doesnít matter that youíre coming to the party a little late.

The prestigious L.A. Music Awards have been dialed in to Peach from the not-so-long-ago beginning, naming her Blues Artist of the Year in 2001. Noting the Anderson, Indiana nativeís consistent quality as a musician and performer, this music industry arbiter of talent followed it up with an Award of Excellence in 2002. But the L.A. Music Awards wasnít the only one to give credit where itís due.

With no artificial anything, The Real Thing is a historical record, sounding the return of the lost art of music with an unmitigated whoís-who of blues and jazz players showing up to back Peach on this truly spectacular collection of songs produced by Marty Grebb (The Band, Bonnie Raitt, Etta James).

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