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2004, Issue #29

Peach: The Real Thing

Unusual name and a unique CD. Inside the beautiful European-style packaging one is immediately confronted by a smorgasbord listing of exceptional talents: Amos Garrett, Reggie McBride, Marty Grebb (who doubles on keyboards and production/arrangements), Garth Hudson, James Gadson, Bruce Conte, Taj Mahal, Rick Vito, Joey Delgado, Paul Barrere and Gary Mallaber to name but a few and that makes one wonder ãwho is this Peach to be able to muster such support?ä Obviously, sheâs very well-respected by those who matter and once you start playing this debut disc you understand immediately that this was a long time coming. Peach has been involved in the L.A. music scene for at least the last 25 years and done lots of vocal work for others both live and in the studio and she does have a magnificent voice. ãLie Downä is a smoky, sultry opening track that establishes high standards right away, but Track #2, ãCome Up And See Me Sometimeä, is a fun, funky celebration with superb keyboards from Grebb and Danny Timms (piano) and knockout vocal arrangements. A real treat! (Shag dance fans in Myrtle Beach will be digginâ it.) Peach has a voice that is sexy, seductive and she employs it to her advantage on the bedroom classic (Denise LaSalle) ãSomeone Else Is Steppinâ Inä. It smokes and encourages serious hip grindinâ. ãBeyond My Wildest Dreamsä is a low-key, jazzy, tour-de-force with tasty trumpet from Lee Thornburg. Beautiful performance. ãWonât Be Longä is a Blues-y rocker with a bouncy drive with punchy horns. Peach can really sing the Blues and that is very evident on the title cut, ãThe Real Thingä, a duet with Taj Mahal that smacks of radio hit potential. Very cool dance inducer! ãDance With Me, Henryä is a fine torch song while ãStarinâ You In The Faceä is a stupendous Blues-y piece with ethereal guitar from Amos Garrett and Jon Woodhead. Just so powerful. Mindi Abair lends sweet sax to ãThe Cure For Youä, another beautiful original from Peach. ãBig Back Beatä is a Blues-y R&B a la New Orleans with Gadson showing why heâs the ÎKing of the Skinsâ and great piano from Grebb. (Marty is an amazing musician who doesnât get anywhere near the credit he deserves.) Yes, Mr. Gadsonâs got the big back-beat. The album closes with the Bobby Charles masterpiece, ãI Must Be In A Good Place Nowä. Garth Hudson lends lilting accordion as Peach gets really soft and tender.

Well, folks, this album is a beautiful, positive, joyous work that will get right into your heart and head. Again, we see the real masterpiece releases coming out as indies and let us hope that the whole world gets to hear this wonderful collection of real gems. Peach is superb. 5 Bottles for a disc that shows us whatâs truly missing in todayâs contemporary music scene: the wonderful and winning combination of passion, talent and joyful commitment from all involved. Thanks go to Peach and Marty Grebb for this gift to the people.