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Southland Blues
April 2001

Peach: The Cure For You
Blues Rock Records

With a bit of a dramatic edge to her voice, Peach sings of relationships that work out and of those that don't. Contemporary blues blends with gospel and country, as Peach offers the kind of atmosphere we require for mulling over those relationships. A rainy night in Georgia would serve as the ideal physical setting for her title track. With sultry tenor sax and a tight band, Peach sings of the trouble she's seen. Several decades of experience singing off and on around the world have given the singer/guitarist the insight necessary for interpreting tales of the way things are.

As a voice major at the University of Denver, Peach sang with the school's jazz band. Along with other biographical facts, her web site, www.peachmusic.com, points out who she's worked with over the years and who performs locally with Peach. One unusual note: U.S. National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleezza Rice, then Peach's classmate at Denver, accompanied her singing at school. She describes Rice as "a darn good piano player." Ballads and romps provide appropriate avenues for Peach's clear, expressive voice. Interpreting each song with conviction, she serves up an enjoyable program and drives each heartfelt message home.