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June 2001

Peach - The Cure For You
Blues Rock Records

Before commenting on the music on this five song EP, I have to mention the wisdom shown with the cover. An attractive woman and humor is always a great combination. The humor in this case is the sticker, warning "Accordion Solo Inside". The woman is Peach.

A powerful, emotional, expressive vocalist, Peach sings her way through these songs with such apparent ease, that she must have been born to play the blues.

Her band is top notch, and creates several different moods on this CD. The opening "That's Not Love" is up-tempo and sets the listener's (well this listerner's anyway) feet in motion. The title track is slower, sultry number with some great trumpet work. My favorite track though is "Crazy For You".

With heartfelt vocals about a woman embroiled in a relationship with a married guy this is blues the way it is meant to be played. A terrific CD.

-SN Rating O (Orgasmic -as good as it gets)