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March 20 - April 3, 2003, Vol. 02.06


I had the pleasure of attending what just may be the most perfectly done event I have ever been a part of. When the subject involves something as controversial as Stem Cell Research, I figured it would raise a few eyebrows. This event was put on by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center along with a star-studded cast of local artists. Speakers included Dr. Michael Lill, who has led the way in the area of research and development of bone marrow transplants and stem cell research for cures for breast cancer and other debilitating concerns that affect the human condition. His speech was emotional and purely from the heart. He spoke of all of the success stories that have come from this type of procedure. It was amazing!

After the good doctor spoke, actress Mimi Rogers introduced Peach. Of course, she mentioned in the intro how Peach is a two-time Los Angeles Music Award winner. I am so proud of her accomplishments I can't begin to tell you. Once Peach got started, it was truly awe-inspiring. She played a set that could truly match the best of what is out there in the world of blues music. Her rendition of "I Can't Stand the Rain" is the best of all that have ever been done. Peach is always so vibrant and confident on the big stage. Her following is also big and quite strong. Basically, she is a club owner's dream.

After Peach came the Delgado Brothers. Wow! What a follow-up to Peach!

This was truly the best local music event I have been to in quite some time. It was totally classy with a very important purpose. God bless Peach and this publication for supporting the cause.