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"Peach has developed a reputation in Southern California as one of the most entertaining blues singers and guitarists." - JAZZIZ Magazine

"Peach is a fast-rising force in the Los Angeles music scene." -International Musician

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12 AUG 2013 - Peach has done a duet with Blues legend Taj Mahal, co-wrote a song with Keb Mo'and uses her decades of experience to bring real blues to her audience...

Influx Magazine
12 AUG 2013

Peach has done a duet with Blues legend Taj Mahal, co-wrote a song with Keb Mo’(Mo’ opens the Wavelength Music Festival 8/22 at the Pacific Amphitheater) and uses her decades of experience to bring real blues to her audience. Her kind spirit and passion make for a unique blend of Blues artist/Freddie King fan.

When I spoke to Peach over the phone it was nice to hear how much she liked Freddie King. I think it’s safe to say 95% of music fans like Eric Clapton and without Freddie King there’d be no Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton says “everything I know, I learned from listening to Freddie King”). So Peach is rooted in what is important about music. It’s not just about how far can we advance it, it’s about honoring where it came from.

Paul Booth: What age did you start playing music? How many instruments do you play?

Peach: I started singing at the age of 6 at church. At 11, I got an electric Fender Jazzmaster. I remember it was white with a tortoise pick guard. I loved it, I loved the “wah bar” until I realized that made it go out of tune so easily.

PB: Who are you biggest musical influences?

Peach: I have loved so many artists. But vocally I loved Ernestine Anderson, Astrud Gilberto, Aretha Franklin. I admire songwriters like Lyro Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Keb’ Mo’. On the guitar I have listened a lot of BB King, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix, and Cornell Dupree.

PB: How old were you the first time you did a live show? Where was it?

Peach: I used to play in my home town of Anderson, Indiana. I remember playing at the local theater in a talent show around the age of 16. But I played in coffee shops in those years as well. I also played in a big concert at Anderson College in those years.

PB: Do you prefer playing live or recording?

Peach: I love both performing and recording. To me they are opposites sides of the same coin. I love playing live because of the energy of all the people. And I love being in the studio, because you’re (all) cozy and sequestered.

PB: Tell us about your project?

Peach: My current passion is doing videos for You Tube. My first one now has 106,000 views. We are preparing to do another video on August 26 (fans can come and be a part of the live audience, see for details). I am planning to tour in Europe in the summer of 2014.

PB: What was it like doing a duet with Taj Mahal?

Peach: One of the best things about doing the duet with Taj Mahal is that he is really funny AND the consummate musician. To me, he is THE icon of modern American blues.

Writer’s note: If you don’t know who Taj Mahal is your next musical purchase needs to one his Greatest Hits albums. Taj Mahal’s music is proof The Blues is not just sad music. For you real rock fans Taj Mahal has playing with The Rolling Stones (they look up to him) since the late ’60s.

PB: Do you have a favorite record of yours? Where can we find it?

Peach: I think my best recording is my studio recording called The Real Thing. You can request it from my website at

PB: What is your message to Blues fans….

Peach: To the blues fans, I wish to say thank you for all your support and love of the music. You inspire the musicians and help us keep going. The role the fans play is very important to the musicians. We thank you.

You can see Peach live (with a line-up of musicians) at:
The Real Blues Festival of Orange County 4 on Sept. 8. For more info visit their website.


Interview by Paul Booth


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