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"Peach has developed a reputation in Southern California as one of the most entertaining blues singers and guitarists." - JAZZIZ Magazine

"Peach is a fast-rising force in the Los Angeles music scene." -International Musician

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11 NOV 2013 -'s JAZZED AND BLUE presents music and exclusive interview with blues singer-songwriter PEACH...
11 NOV 2013's JAZZED AND BLUE presents music and exclusive interviews with Cedric Burnside, blues singer-songwriter PEACH, and jazz rock fusion band Dream Logic.

There is almost no question in anyone's mind that the last five years have been especially trying thanks to the global markets collapsing and a recession that is still making folks nervous. In 2007 Rockwired became acquainted with the sultry sound of blues singer and guitarist Peach on the strength of her award winning album The Real Thing. After all of the acclaim, live shows and awards (one of which was the 2007 Rockwired Radio Music Award for Best Female Artist) Peach all but fell off the radar leaving many wondering what the hell happened. It turns out that the end of a long running marriage and the troubles that went along with it were responsible for the silence on her end and that is too bad We all could've used her music to get us through some rocky times. Anyhow times have changed and Peach is back on the stage with her high heels and her six string and she's here to stay. Currently she is penning some new material with a little help from such reliable blues folk as Keb Mo' and Danny Timms. While there is no official release as of yet, Peach is writing and recording like crazy and electrifying audiences with that one of a kind stage presence and a blistering set of songs that celebrate love that is both lost and found.



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