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"Peach has developed a reputation in Southern California as one of the most entertaining blues singers and guitarists." - JAZZIZ Magazine

"Peach is a fast-rising force in the Los Angeles music scene." -International Musician

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25 JUL 2013 - Southern California-based musician PEACH is at the forefront of female-fronted blues acts performing both modern and old-time blues, with an All-Star band of musicians...

All*Access Magazine
25 JUL 2013

Southern California-based musician PEACH is at the forefront of female fronted blues acts performing both modern and old-time blues, with an All-Star band of musicians featuring keyboardist Ken Stange (Joe Cocker); bassist Del Atkins (James Ingram); and guitarist BR Millon (producer Richard Perry). PEACH has recorded with Taj Mahal, Marty Grebb (The Buckinghams), Reggie McBride (Elton John), Joey Delgado (Delgado Brothers), Garth Hudson (The Band) and Paul Barrere (LIttle Feat). She has co-written with Keb’ ‘Mo’ and Marty Grebb but diversifies with an occasional ‘Dylanesque’ treat. She is a past Los Angeles Music Awards, Rockwired Radio Awards, All Access Magazine Music Awards, and South Bay Music Awards recipient.

All Access Magazine (AAM) recently spoke with PEACH about all the recent developments in her career and
what’s its like for her to be performing live again.

AAM: You had taken some time off from playing music, and now it looks like you’re back, full steam ahead. Why the sudden desire to resume your music career?

PEACH: I took some time off to recharge. And now that I am back, it truly is “full steam ahead”…. I am surprised and happy to note that I seem to be playing better than ever. I’m more focused and confident than I ever have been in my life. I am one of those people who love to play with a rockin’ band and feel completely at home on stage.

AAM: What did you do, professionally/work-wise, in the time you weren’t playing music?

PEACH: My primary “occupation” has been being a good Mom. Other Moms and Dads will know….this takes a lot of time! In addition, I produced the musical Hoboken to Hollywood. It won “Musical of the Year” at the 2011 LA Weekly Theater Awards.

AAM: You’re known for surrounding yourself with some of the very best musicians, whether recording or gigging. Why is that?
PEACH: For me — performing, recording, and writing music is all about “delivering the song.” The great musicians understand the mechanics of HOW to get this done. And it puts a smile on my face as well as that of the audience. Gradually over the years, I have had the crazy luck to play and record with many of my idols.

AAM: Why did you take up playing blues music in the first place?
PEACH: In my opinion, I came to playing the blues “backwards.” I started playing “jazz” in my early 20’s. One day a friend of mine noted that my best songs were “blues.” I hadn’t really thought of it that way. I just thought of the songs as “tunes.” Then I started sitting in with a bluesman and found I was totally at peace if I could sit and just play blues for hours and hours. That’s when I realized I was a blueswoman.

AAM: Are you recording anything to follow-up your last record, “The Real Thing?”
PEACH: I am currently preparing to do a music video with new material. My recent video “It Meant Nothin’” just got 57,000 views on YouTube in its first month. I am very proud of it. The song was one I co-wrote with Keb’Mo’.

AAM: Okay – let’s be honest here – what do you think of the current state of live music here in the Southern California/L.A. area?
PEACH: I think there is a lot of great live music in Los Angeles. The quality of the bands here seems better than most cities around the US. I do think there is a problem that musicians don’t make much money playing in the clubs. Yet you can’t necessarily fault the club owners, as I’m sure many of them are struggling to pay their rent too. It’s a tough economy. But we have to play “out” and so we (musicians) seem to always find a place to play….because it’s like the air we breathe….we have to have it!

AAM: If you could literally write the script for how your future music career will play out, what would you want it to read like?
PEACH: I am preparing to play festivals next summer, especially in Europe. I hold a special affinity for Denmark and have a band there, too (headed by guitarist Aske Jacoby). I’d also like to play back in the heartland……back in Indiana (where I’m “from”) and in Colorado. So I see a lot of festivals, videos and a commitment to tell the story in a song. And I certainly do have a story to tell.

PEACH is interviewed and performs live on the “Laguna Blues” radio show heard over KX93.5 FM, hosted by Kenny “Big Daddy” Williams, Friday, August 9 at 7 p.m. (tune into to listen live). She also performs at the Real Blues Festival of Orange County 4, Sunday, September 8 at Malone’s in Santa Ana. for additional info.


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